Sunday, February 2, 2014

Long Time No See?

hey guys!

Its been forever! The horrible reason being... my internet broke! It was super old and it finally bit the dust, much to my dismay. To keep you updated on this the new internet is being installed Friday morning  so I can get back to my weekend routine of gaming and giggling. My family wont be as thrilled. Apparently I'm loud and honestly I don't really care. I have fun that's all that matters.

The YouTube channel I was talking about we never recorded anything!!! One thing lead to another and when we finally could my internet took a dive. So we haven't posted anything yet. I did the designs for the logo and they turned out pretty well if I say so myself. I just have to convert from paper to animation. That will be the tricky part. I  got a drawing tablet for Christmas and I'm still learning how to use the program.

LCS! That has been super cool. I've always wanted to go to one!!! Like that will ever happen. HA! that requires money and time... Both I which I don't have. I would trade both my kidneys to go to that. This summer my friends and I are going to hardcore league it! Besides the tennis and lifting I'll have to do. I'm hopefully getting a new laptop for my birthday! So I can put this huge dinosaur to rest. Don't get me wrong I love having a huge laptop for gaming and movies. But its a pain to lug around the screen is getting buggy. Don't even get me started on the overheating, that's another nail in this bad boy's coffin.

All the craziness aside I'm glad I'll finally be able to play league again. Zentec is going crazy over all the civ 5 they've been playing. apparently Spidahman doesn't really want to play without me. I'm just glad I've been missed and not replaced. <3

probably just talking to myself,'

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