Monday, November 18, 2013



I'm out of the slump! The only problem is that its taking a while to get out of it. I got a few wins today. That was good I also had stupid defeats like when I went Kat and had a score of 13/5/15. I was pushing top and doing a great job of it, then BOOM we lost; my team couldn't defend AT ALL. Your probably thinking you're the bad one, you weren't with your team. Well, the worst part is was I was on Skype and NO ONE told me everyone on our team was dying. So I'd count that as not my fault. One of my friends was blaming me when his brother was defending me. It was whole yelling chaos. Anyways its all good I won't be rage quitting anytime soon.

So Spidahman44 and Zentec are brothers and Spida is my age, Zentec is two years younger. We were playing 3v3 and talking about what we were gonna do for our new channel. We Zentec screamed like a girl because it was his first time playing Ryze and he was getting killed. Spidah and I laughed so hard! Then we joked about the viewers saying "wow. spidah you play with TWO girls." We laughed so hard at that also. Were really stupid crazy and scream and yell a ton. Apparently were very entertaining because our other friends can sit and watch us play for hours laughing our heads off at the stupid things we say and do. So I hope our YouTube will have some good feedback.

So I feel like I'm talking to myself so yay me! I'm so awesome and amazing and beautiful. hahahaha

See YA, Love YA, BYE

BluGamerGurl <3

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