Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hello World!


    My name's Blueskater. pfft. yes, that's my name. Well, my gamer name anyway. Don't go on thinking, "oh, Gawd not another one." I'm not one of those. whatever you were thinking about. This is mainly for me to talk about my LoL (League of Legends) Minecraft, and Starcraft II experiences. Oh! I'm a soon to be artist so I might post some of my work on here. I also might rant about whatever happened that day. 

       A little about me

   I'm 15 years old. I sing in choir which I hate, but I still love to sing. I play tennis. Here's a secret about that, I'm loudest on my team. I love to draw, take photos, and I'm working on moving into some graphic design. I'm the youngest of three (including me), and the only girl. I love to make other people laugh, I argue about pretty much anything.(i'm very competitive. I have a love hate relationship with people. I love making new friends and talking to people. Some people you gotta hate (most of the people in my high school).  

  How my gamer name came to be

     No freaking reason. Blue is my second favorite color. Skater was the first word that came to mind after a color so I put it down. Bluskater is my ingame name for stuff like that, but if I ever start a youtube (which I hope to do) I'll most likely name it BlugamerGurl. (such a rebel I know spelling things wrong)

That's it for now I just wanted to say hey! Hope to see ya soon <3,


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