Friday, November 15, 2013

Freezing the Game (StarCraft II)

hey home bacon!
how's it cracking?

Nexus Wars? I think yes!

Mini games with friends are just a blast!

So I was playing nexus wars with some friends one day it was 2v2. Spida and I v. Zentec and Hovatern (all guys btws). Spidah and I decided to go for a marine rush. We had like 50 built and could buy anything thing in a matter of seconds because we earned the minerals back right away. By then we had started building anything that looked cool to us. The bridge was FULL of our stuff. Anytime that you moved your computer to look at it your computer froze!

It took about an hour just to win the game! Next time you play try it out (you might need to use at least 1 nuke to speed things up ;)

See Ya, Love Ya, BYE,

p.s. sorry for the short post!

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