Thursday, November 7, 2013

Double MID (LoL time)

long time no see?

My friend Spidahman44 and I have the best breaking the meta secret that we, well more like I would like to share with you...DOUBLE MID!

That we do is he goes weigar and I go Zelian. The XP boost from my passive helps us dominate in lane. With his stun and burst the double bomb is an easy way to get the kill. An added bonus is that it messes up the other teams lanes. Finally when they realize what happens they send reinforcements giving our other lanes more time to push freely and extra cs. By the time they have sent more to mid, we're already fed so we can take them. I know what your thinking Veigar is super squishy and I totally agree with you. But with the help of a right timed Zilan ult Veig will come back with more heath than he lost to secure the kill..

The only problem is not many people can do this. Communication  and teamwork is key in the AP bursty pair. We have been playing together for a long time so we have figured out each others gaming styles. We also Skype and talk about whats going on. Now i'm not saying find a person you've played with a few times and worked well with and then Skype them. creepy. haha. do whats comfortable for you.

Try it out and have fun!

Here's a tip if you want to try this. In champ select one of you call jung so all lanes are filled. Also whoever picked jung should wait to the very last second to pick their champ so your team doesn't rage on you before you even showed them the awesome power of duo mid

As always see ya, love ya, bye,

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