Saturday, November 16, 2013

In A Slump (LoL Time) (YOUTUBE CHANNEL!?)


I haven't won any games lately and its pissing me off! I've been playing with friends, but thats normal so I don't know what it is! I smurfed for a bit and won all of those games but I cant seem to win recently on my main account. Like today I never got my win of the day bonus. Have you ever been a slump like that. Crap team after crap team? Because right now I;m getting jungle lucain's telling me to build warmogs as Irelia. I mean what is this? I'm getting tired of the game, maybe I just need a break and some detox from friends. Play by myself for a game or two.  

Another thing is that my internet is really bad and its been worse recently. I don't know what it is. I hope it will be better in Kansas.

Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!! I totally forgot to tell you my friends and I are starting a YouTube channel! It's called AgedPotato looks us up! Subscribe! Were going to be making some videos hopefully over thanksgiving break.  So please around that time look us up! Maybe even subscribe early and tell your friends!

I'll tell you how the whole slump thing works out!

Questions: Should I talk about my life or just games? Should I ask random questions for you to answer? Am I talking to myself?

See Ya, Love Ya, Getting out of that slump for YA, BYE!
Blugamergurl <3

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