Sunday, February 2, 2014

One for All! (LoL Time)

hiyasdhfaishdfh hi

Miss me?
probably not.... anyways.....

I'm sure you've played one or heard about the new game play one for all. I find it amazing and really fun. I've done games with: Nids, Jinx, Ez, Mf, Blitz. They all made me laugh.

The Nid game was crazy! We went up against TF's they were bullied so hard by me and Spidahman bot lane. One spear and they'd be dead.

Man this post is old haha... they're bringing it back yessssssss!

I just wanted to get this out of my drafts,

Long Time No See?

hey guys!

Its been forever! The horrible reason being... my internet broke! It was super old and it finally bit the dust, much to my dismay. To keep you updated on this the new internet is being installed Friday morning  so I can get back to my weekend routine of gaming and giggling. My family wont be as thrilled. Apparently I'm loud and honestly I don't really care. I have fun that's all that matters.

The YouTube channel I was talking about we never recorded anything!!! One thing lead to another and when we finally could my internet took a dive. So we haven't posted anything yet. I did the designs for the logo and they turned out pretty well if I say so myself. I just have to convert from paper to animation. That will be the tricky part. I  got a drawing tablet for Christmas and I'm still learning how to use the program.

LCS! That has been super cool. I've always wanted to go to one!!! Like that will ever happen. HA! that requires money and time... Both I which I don't have. I would trade both my kidneys to go to that. This summer my friends and I are going to hardcore league it! Besides the tennis and lifting I'll have to do. I'm hopefully getting a new laptop for my birthday! So I can put this huge dinosaur to rest. Don't get me wrong I love having a huge laptop for gaming and movies. But its a pain to lug around the screen is getting buggy. Don't even get me started on the overheating, that's another nail in this bad boy's coffin.

All the craziness aside I'm glad I'll finally be able to play league again. Zentec is going crazy over all the civ 5 they've been playing. apparently Spidahman doesn't really want to play without me. I'm just glad I've been missed and not replaced. <3

probably just talking to myself,'

Monday, November 18, 2013



I'm out of the slump! The only problem is that its taking a while to get out of it. I got a few wins today. That was good I also had stupid defeats like when I went Kat and had a score of 13/5/15. I was pushing top and doing a great job of it, then BOOM we lost; my team couldn't defend AT ALL. Your probably thinking you're the bad one, you weren't with your team. Well, the worst part is was I was on Skype and NO ONE told me everyone on our team was dying. So I'd count that as not my fault. One of my friends was blaming me when his brother was defending me. It was whole yelling chaos. Anyways its all good I won't be rage quitting anytime soon.

So Spidahman44 and Zentec are brothers and Spida is my age, Zentec is two years younger. We were playing 3v3 and talking about what we were gonna do for our new channel. We Zentec screamed like a girl because it was his first time playing Ryze and he was getting killed. Spidah and I laughed so hard! Then we joked about the viewers saying "wow. spidah you play with TWO girls." We laughed so hard at that also. Were really stupid crazy and scream and yell a ton. Apparently were very entertaining because our other friends can sit and watch us play for hours laughing our heads off at the stupid things we say and do. So I hope our YouTube will have some good feedback.

So I feel like I'm talking to myself so yay me! I'm so awesome and amazing and beautiful. hahahaha

See YA, Love YA, BYE

BluGamerGurl <3

Saturday, November 16, 2013

In A Slump (LoL Time) (YOUTUBE CHANNEL!?)


I haven't won any games lately and its pissing me off! I've been playing with friends, but thats normal so I don't know what it is! I smurfed for a bit and won all of those games but I cant seem to win recently on my main account. Like today I never got my win of the day bonus. Have you ever been a slump like that. Crap team after crap team? Because right now I;m getting jungle lucain's telling me to build warmogs as Irelia. I mean what is this? I'm getting tired of the game, maybe I just need a break and some detox from friends. Play by myself for a game or two.  

Another thing is that my internet is really bad and its been worse recently. I don't know what it is. I hope it will be better in Kansas.

Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!! I totally forgot to tell you my friends and I are starting a YouTube channel! It's called AgedPotato looks us up! Subscribe! Were going to be making some videos hopefully over thanksgiving break.  So please around that time look us up! Maybe even subscribe early and tell your friends!

I'll tell you how the whole slump thing works out!

Questions: Should I talk about my life or just games? Should I ask random questions for you to answer? Am I talking to myself?

See Ya, Love Ya, Getting out of that slump for YA, BYE!
Blugamergurl <3

Friday, November 15, 2013

Freezing the Game (StarCraft II)

hey home bacon!
how's it cracking?

Nexus Wars? I think yes!

Mini games with friends are just a blast!

So I was playing nexus wars with some friends one day it was 2v2. Spida and I v. Zentec and Hovatern (all guys btws). Spidah and I decided to go for a marine rush. We had like 50 built and could buy anything thing in a matter of seconds because we earned the minerals back right away. By then we had started building anything that looked cool to us. The bridge was FULL of our stuff. Anytime that you moved your computer to look at it your computer froze!

It took about an hour just to win the game! Next time you play try it out (you might need to use at least 1 nuke to speed things up ;)

See Ya, Love Ya, BYE,

p.s. sorry for the short post!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Double MID (LoL time)

long time no see?

My friend Spidahman44 and I have the best breaking the meta secret that we, well more like I would like to share with you...DOUBLE MID!

That we do is he goes weigar and I go Zelian. The XP boost from my passive helps us dominate in lane. With his stun and burst the double bomb is an easy way to get the kill. An added bonus is that it messes up the other teams lanes. Finally when they realize what happens they send reinforcements giving our other lanes more time to push freely and extra cs. By the time they have sent more to mid, we're already fed so we can take them. I know what your thinking Veigar is super squishy and I totally agree with you. But with the help of a right timed Zilan ult Veig will come back with more heath than he lost to secure the kill..

The only problem is not many people can do this. Communication  and teamwork is key in the AP bursty pair. We have been playing together for a long time so we have figured out each others gaming styles. We also Skype and talk about whats going on. Now i'm not saying find a person you've played with a few times and worked well with and then Skype them. creepy. haha. do whats comfortable for you.

Try it out and have fun!

Here's a tip if you want to try this. In champ select one of you call jung so all lanes are filled. Also whoever picked jung should wait to the very last second to pick their champ so your team doesn't rage on you before you even showed them the awesome power of duo mid

As always see ya, love ya, bye,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hello World!


    My name's Blueskater. pfft. yes, that's my name. Well, my gamer name anyway. Don't go on thinking, "oh, Gawd not another one." I'm not one of those. whatever you were thinking about. This is mainly for me to talk about my LoL (League of Legends) Minecraft, and Starcraft II experiences. Oh! I'm a soon to be artist so I might post some of my work on here. I also might rant about whatever happened that day. 

       A little about me

   I'm 15 years old. I sing in choir which I hate, but I still love to sing. I play tennis. Here's a secret about that, I'm loudest on my team. I love to draw, take photos, and I'm working on moving into some graphic design. I'm the youngest of three (including me), and the only girl. I love to make other people laugh, I argue about pretty much anything.(i'm very competitive. I have a love hate relationship with people. I love making new friends and talking to people. Some people you gotta hate (most of the people in my high school).  

  How my gamer name came to be

     No freaking reason. Blue is my second favorite color. Skater was the first word that came to mind after a color so I put it down. Bluskater is my ingame name for stuff like that, but if I ever start a youtube (which I hope to do) I'll most likely name it BlugamerGurl. (such a rebel I know spelling things wrong)

That's it for now I just wanted to say hey! Hope to see ya soon <3,